February 23, 2017

How to Promote Yoga Websites?

The question "how to promote yoga website" crossed into my mind when I was promoting to the best search engine Google.
Yes, Google is best search engine because Google take cares of user experience and tries to give best experience ever.
Google never gives rank to large marketers like Amazon on the particular keyword. It gives to small businesses. If Amazon tried to do natural/genuine/white hat SEO on particular keyword, it got ranks but Amazon had to forget that it is a large marketplace. No attitude allowed on Google.
Facebook showed attitude to Google and does not follow its policy that's why you never see any Facebook pages on ranks. We hardly see it but we see Linkedin, Pinterest and Tumblr on high ranks.
It is crystal clear that one can not buy Google rankings and it is the best career scope for SEO strategists.

By Sanjay Raturi Founder at Real Happiness