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Career at Real Happiness

Career at Real Happiness Technologies Private Limited


Accounts Manager (Hired)

Academic Qualifications:

  •  Post Graduated with Masters Commerce
  •  Minimum 3 years experience in Accounts, Tally ERP-9, Ledgers (Excel and Manual)
  •  Experience in Banking Accounts, BRS, Funds
  •  Experience in Invoicing, Profit Loss account, Balance sheet

Professional Qualifications:

  •  Diploma in English language (Writing and Speaking)
  •  Diploma in advanced computer
  •  Diploma in Industrial Accounts
  •  Minimum 3 years experience in any private limited company

Salary scale: Annual 3.0 Lac to 3.6 Lac

Note: We are happy to pay more than 4.80 Lac annually, but we will decide after an interview.

2 Content Writer (Hired)

Internship Program with Sanjay Raturi at Real Happiness with Mindfulness Techniques

  • 16 Boys selected from Graphic Era University, Dehradun out of 16
  • 2 Girls selected from Graphic Era University, Dehradun out of 6
  • 2 Girls selected from Banasthali Vidyapith University in Vanasthali, Rajasthan out of 2

Note: If you are interested, submit your resume at support@realhappiness.in


Digital Marketing Stretegist IQ (Beginner)


  •  Albert Einstein does not know about Hotspot and Bluetooth, it does not mean that he has low IQ, same here, we judge people by their IQ not knowledge because knowledge can be updated in mind.
  •  No Experience Required, but you will work with directors who has 8-10 years experience in this field, so just be ready to learn.
  •  Less Talking, Smart Work! because 57 Calories will be burned per hour in talking and we have a communication team for talking.
  •  Be a good listener, do not be the leader and try to overwrite us because we strongly believe in our process.

Details for Job

  •  Working days: Monday to Friday - Saturday is Halfday - Sunday OFF
  •  Working Hours 10am to 6pm - 1 Hr. Lunch and Refreshment break

Salary scale: Annual 1.2 Lac to 2.4 Lac

Note: 2 Developers are being paid 12 Lac annually but do not forget that we trust them when they do not know anything about marketing and we pay just 6K per month and now they are experts.