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Meditation Ashram in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Real Happiness is a registered school in Rishikesh, India for Meditation and other Spiritual Activities. Uttarakhand Tourism (GoI) verified the institute as a Kendra or Centre for yoga and meditation. Real Happiness is also registered as a Private Limited Company under the Government of India Act 2013. The word Real Happiness is registered copyright/trademark and its logo is also registered under Trademark Act 1999 (Class 41, 42 and AN 4398438 and 4715285).

Join the meditation school in India for various meditation courses, programs, wellness activities, yoga courses, Ayurveda treatments & programs, spiritual tours, and much more. The company after getting established in 2014, becomes a popular name in various countries including India, Europe, and 20 more. We stand on every spiritual aspect and norm described by our ancient and traditional Vedas and Puranas.

meditation ashram in india

Meditation Institute in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Based on Traditional Practice

Meditation in India is a soulful journey of realising your true own self. From showering self-love and kindness to learning the way of life, Meditation is a practice which is beneficial in personal and professional life. We understand that those with no experience also yearn to learn Meditation, so, we have our course focused on Beginner practitioners too. If you have just stepped into the Meditation field, then it is a chance for you to come and join Meditation in Rishikesh with Real Happiness.

If you are already experienced with the divinity of Meditation, then Advanced Meditation Course is designed for your better understanding and practice. You can learn better so that you can teach better with Meditation Courses in Rishikesh.

The courses have great importance as they open your way towards a career in the field of Meditation but if you want to embark on the journey of self-discovery without being interested in getting certified to start a career, then Meditation Programs in Rishikesh are designed for your personal growth and wellness.


Get hours of work done
without distraction.


Calm your mind.
Reach inner peace.


Be relaxed in life and
do what you love.

Modern tantrums come up with plenty of mental issues, therefore Real Happiness India is just trying to help you fight these issues. We believe in internal peace and wellness and so we have our Meditation School in Rishikesh, located far away from the crowd and horde of the city life. The school is situated in a beautiful and serene environment of Rishikesh, showcasing the marvellous scenery of the North Indian Himalayas, Garhwal Forests, and greenery all around. The school is also not much far away from the local market. You can easily walk to get the personal need items.

Meditation Practices at the Meditation Course and Program of Real Happiness include Vedic Meditation, Guided Meditation, Nada and Mantra Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, 300 Hours Meditation Teacher Training, Silent Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation.

During the Meditation in Rishikesh, get a chance to visit nearby temples, ashrams, waterfalls, and other scenic points.

Meditation Centre in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

  1. Like our name, we are working on spreading Real Happiness among the people with our professional courses and programs of Meditation in Rishikesh.
  2. Real Happiness has the simple aim of sharing the wisdom of various meditation techniques (including Mindfulness Meditation, Vipassana, Vedic, and others) worldwide. 
  3. In the chaotic world, Real Happiness believes in spreading peace and happiness and we are lucky to have dedicated teachers and members in our team.
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Real Happiness® is a name of trust, spirituality and happy lifestyle.

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Private Limited Company

Real Happiness Private Limited is registered with the Government of India under the Private Limited Company Act, 2013 on the Ministry of Corporation Affairs (MCA) having certified

Company Identity Number: U85320UR2020PTC011628

Non-Profit Organization

Real Happiness is a NON-Profit Organization under the Indian Society ACT 1860 (21). We are regularly doing social work to promote Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda worldwide having the certificate number: UK05903112019002673

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Our Locations

Our Teachers and Team

sanjay raturi meditation teacher

Sanjay Raturi

(CEO & Director)

Sanjay Raturi was born in a Brahmin family. He is connected to spirituality since birth as being born in a beautiful place, near the source of the holy river Ganga and so started practicing Mantra Chanting and Meditation since childhood. Sanjay Ji is an experienced teacher of Mindfulness, Vedic, Kundalini & Chakra Meditation, and others.

For Sanjay, meditation is a complete lifestyle and a well-designed daily schedule that includes mantra chanting, karma yoga, yogic diet, meditation practice, meditative Nidra, evening Satsang and worship, and peaceful aware sleep.

Shruti Nautiyal

Shruti Nautiyal

(RYT 200 Hours, Ayurveda Teacher, Dietician)

Shruti Nautiyal is managing the school of Real Happiness India. She always keeps a check on all the requirements of the school and students. Under her supervision, it is merely impossible that our students will face any difficulty. Shruti also manages the account of the institute. 

Apart from all this, she is an Ayurveda Dietician who prepares the nutrition diet chart with a blend of Modern Science and Vedic Knowledge. She carries a vast knowledge of nutrition and Ayurveda. Shruti understands your health conditions and then presents the diet chart as per the requirement of your body.


Ramdas Yogi

(Philosophy, Vedanta, Meditation)

A seeker of truth with 21 years of practice and 18 years of teaching experience in the field of traditional Yoga with a special focus on pranayama and meditation, Spirituality, and Indian Philosophy especially Vedanta. In-depth knowledge of scriptures and the ability to explain the most intricate topic in the simplest language blending it with modern science and supporting it with real-life examples. Well-versed in English, Hindi, and Sanskrit languages. Has guided thousands of people in India and abroad in Canada, Greece, Bali-Indonesia, Italy, UK, and US.


Sanjay Rawat

(Ashtanga Yoga Teacher)

Sanjay Rawat has been teaching Yoga Teacher Training since 2019 He had Most of his work is in Yoga Capital Rishikesh, India. He has also taught yoga in China and Vietnam. Sanjay holds a Master in yogic science,he has also done 500 hours yoga TTC from yoga alliance U.S.A.

Mukesh yoga instructor


(Asana, Pranayama Teacher)

Mukesh is brought up in Haryana and practicing Yoga since childhood. She is pursuing her Master's degree in Yoga and is a certified 500 Hour trained yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. Her journey began with the practice of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. Mukesh has around 3 years of teaching experience in Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga and Pranayama. She has a keen interest and knowledge in Hatha, Ashtanga & Restorative yoga, Yogic breathing techniques, Shatkarma and yogic kriyas.



(Mantra Chanting)

Pandit Vikas Bangwal was born an brought up in the Himalayan Mountains in a Brahmin Family. He has been doing Mantra chanting since childhood. He is a teacher of Mantras and an Expert in Wellness pooja based on Vedas and scriptures.

harmindra yoga anatomy teacher


(Yoga Anatomy, Physiology)

Yogi Harmindra is an experienced Yoga Anatomy and Physiology trainer who has been teaching for many years. He has studied at Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar. He is brought up in Rishikesh and practicing Yoga since childhood.

For Harmindra, the body is an important instrument to achieve a higher level of awareness and peace. To control the mind, one should give the right direction of body energy first. If we are able to harmonize the body and mind, we can reach a good level of spirituality.

Neeraj Rana

Neeraj Rana


There is a proverb, 'Food Makes the Mood". What you eat affects directly your well-being and overall wellness. Besides taking the right diet, it is also necessary to prepare the food in the right environment. Neeraj Rana, Chef at Real Happiness India is well aware of this fact. He cooks food with a smile on his face carrying positive energy always.

Neeraj maintains proper hygiene and cooks really scrumptious food. He knows the requirement of every course and program at our school and so prepares the food accordingly. He is well aware of the nutritional value of each food item.

Having 4+ years of experience in cooking, Neeraj is now an important part of our school. Apart from cooking, he has great knowledge of Guitar, Singing (especially Bhajan) and Painting.


Prabhat Nautiyal

(Digital Marketer)

Prabhat Nautiyal, a creative digital marketer with Real Happiness India, hold postgraduate degree in English literature and done a course in digital marketing from DSOM Dehradun.

Prabhat Nautiyal has solid SEO abilities and consistently displayed strategic thought when putting difficult digital marketing initiatives into action. committed to using knowledge and experience to accomplish the short, medium, and long-term goals of the company.

Alok Biswal

Alok Biswal

(Digital Marketer)

Alok Biswal works as a Digital Marketing professional at Real Happiness Pvt Ltd, which supports organizations with SEO, Social Media, Paid Marketing, email responses, and marketing, among other things. Alok previously worked as a Digital Marketing Manager for World Peace Yoga School. He earned a bachelor's degree in engineering from VITS University and a postgraduate certificate in digital marketing from Symbiosis Institute Pune.


Real Happiness has provided the best possible education within the science of meditation. It focuses on deep study through theory and practice, and has a unique approach in making the students truly experience what meditation really is. They aim in giving the students a broad set of tools and knowledge within a wide variety of meditation techniques.

A great Meditation school , that offers the opportunity to learn how to awaken the power of the Kundalini energy. I think it is the only school that follows you throughout your spiritual journey, even when you come back to your home. Through group lesson on the journey of sadhana. A sangha that welcomes you and make you feel part of a family, made up of many wonderful soul.