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Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Real Happiness India invites you to the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh which is one of the best courses in Rishikesh if you are looking for physical and professional development simultaneously. The residential training is of 28 days or 4 weeks which allows you to stay in the silent atmosphere along with people of the same mindset and dream as yours. The course is an opportunity to enter into master's practice from being a beginner learner.

Kundalini is a divine power that resides inside our bodies. The wondrous thing is, that we are unaware of it. The reason is Kundalini sleeps inside the body coiling itself. Just like a snake sleeps. That is why it is also known as coiling energy. There are some rules and regulations followed by this energy. It will be so appealing if we awake this energy but remember the wrong practice can also be dangerous for this. So, it is necessary to take the right guidance from the right teacher before starting self-practice in Kundalini Yoga.

Real Happiness conducts the course Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India to help you release the blocked energy from the body. When the blockage is removed, you will feel more energised and a different kind of spirit enters inside you. The Kundalini gurus (holding years of experience and practice) at the school ensure to teach you with maximum perfection so that you can learn and learn to teach too.

During the Kundalini Yoga Course in Rishikesh, you will be able to learn the science of the Brain and Spine to the whole nervous system. The theoretical classes of the Kundalini Yoga Course help you in understanding the science of Kundalini and the Body. As per Kundalini Theory, a human body is made up of 7 important chakras. When these chakras are balanced, then one leads a healthy life; similarly when there is instability in the Chakras, then the body experiences some types of problems.

The practical classes of Kundalini yoga TTC assist you in the correct practice of the Poses of Kundalini Yoga, Controlling the Indriya (or Senses), correcting the flow of Nadis (or Channels), and helping the Sharir (or Body) into the right practice. Learning Kundalini in Rishikesh is the best opportunity as the city attracts you to the practice with its environment and atmosphere.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation Teacher Training

Understand and Awaken the Kundalini in the right way

Kundalini Yoga Meditation Teacher Training Course is not only about collecting the information on Kundalini Energy of the body but also awakening it in the right way. Moreover, the journey from being a student to a teacher makes sure that you transfer the knowledge in the best way to your students. The carefully custom-made schedule appeals to you to follow all the aspects carefully and precisely. At the same time, it motivates you and others to perform better with the proper time given to all classes.

Where you are practicing? There is no doubt that this question holds great importance. Whenever you think of spirituality, Rishikesh somewhere strikes your mind. The small town of Uttarakhand is a well-established name in offering Courses and programs in yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices. The reason is quite simple, Rishikesh is surrounded by peace all around and gives positive vibes to the practitioner who comes here.

Real Happiness India is a famous yoga and meditation school in Rishikesh. We ensure that while learning the course module, one also gets a chance to explore the beauty of the city. For this reason, we have included a time for sightseeing and excursion in our schedule.

Best Kundalini Yoga Course in Rishikesh India

India is the land of spirituality and divinity. There is no wrong in saying that this South Asian country is the best destination to start or proceed with your spiritual practice. Kundalini Yoga in India covers detailed information with a class of proper explanation and practicals. Moreover, a special class of discussion is also done by our professional teachers to help you understand even the minor details of Kundalini Energy.

kundalini meditation in Rishikesh india

Kundalini Meditation Teacher Training in India

Kundalini Meditation in India is the best program to start or enhance your practice of this divinity while awakening the spiritual energy lying in the Chakras.

kundalini chakra meditation course in rishikesh

Chakra Meditation in India

Chakra Meditation is the way with which you are able to raise the Kundalini. All you need is the right guidance for the right practice of Chakra Meditation.

kundalini yoga teacher training Rishikesh india

Kundalini Yoga in India

The schedule is designed in a way giving time to all the yoga asanas related to Kundalini, Brain, Spine, Backbone, and Joints. The classes take place at different timing.

prana kriyas kundalini diet chart

Practice of Prana Kriyas

Pranas are the crucial force and Kriya is the motion energy. Prana Kriyas together are known as the motion of Prana. Kundalini Yoga Course in Rishikesh helps you in practicing and enforcing prana kriyas.

Course Inclusion

  • 27 Nights & 28 Days Accommodation
  • All Yogic Meals designed as per Kundalini Diet
  • 4 Days deep study on each chakra
  • Mantra Chanting associated with chakras
  • Anatomy of Spine, Brain, Backbone and Joints
  • Yoga, Mudra, Bandha and Philosophy study
  • Kundalini and Chakras Vedic rituals
  • Outdoor Meditation Sessions on a river beach
  • Hiking to the Himalayan temple
  • Study of Ayurvedic Diet for Kundalini
  • Nada Yoga and Meditation Study
  • Ancient Concept of Vedic Culture study

Kundalini Teacher Training Dates 2024 - 2025

01 - 28 July 2024 02 Seats left 01 - 28 August 2024 Fully Booked 01 - 28 September 2024 Fully Booked
01 - 28 October 2024 07 Seats left 01 - 28 November 2024 08 Seats left 01 - 28 December 2024 08 Seats left
01 - 28 January 2025 08 Seats left 01 - 28 February 2025 08 Seats left 01 - 28 March 2025 08 Seats left
01 - 28 April 2025 08 Seats left 01 - 28 May 2025 08 Seats left 01 - 28 June 2025 08 Seats left
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Key Points

  • 1.5 Hours Theory Class on Kundalini
  • 1.5 Hours Practice on Kundalini
  • Deep study of 7 Chakras (Energy Junctions)
  • Beej Mantra Study and Chanting
  • Prana and Kosha Study
  • Aura/Energy Layers study
  • Study of Tantra explained by Shiva
  • Study of Panchamahabhuta
  • Raj Yoga Study and Practice
  • Shatkarma - Body Cleansing Techniques
  • Teaching Methodology - Organize Programs
  • Introduction and Biography of some popular saints
  • Study of Nada and Kampan or Spandan
  • Study of nature of awakening and imbalancing
  • Sanskrit Formulas for remembering Kundalini Knowledge
  • Understanding the Manah, Buddhi, Chitta and Ahankara


What Our Students Say

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Genuine/Real reviews always help us to improve more our study system and our school management. We are very thankful to our students who have written reviews. Take a look at what they wrote and felt.


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